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Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

A circle has no beginning.

I asked Liz what kind of girl I like, and she responded by telling me what kind of girl I should like. In an itemized list. Here, now, for your enjoyment. (Note: 10 was added later due to OCD and funny.)

1. must be full of teh ghey
2. knitting is a +10
3. college-lez drama is a dealbreaker
4. able to talk about things other than twilight, bewbeez, and how much their parents suck
5. reasonably socially/environmentally responsible
6. employed
7. preferably not living with parents, but as long as she's not living in a box exceptions will be considered
8. must. love. steak.
9. hot : fail ratio must be reasonable (no more than 1.5 parts fail to every 1 part hot)
10. must be Rachel Maddow.

Previously iamdyingalone, and before that, goddesssue13.
Also bunchofrejects because I had to see what this sponsored shit was about.

Harry Potter Fandom Sortings/Ratings
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Remus Lupin @ Lumos
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Ravenclaw @ HIH
Luna Lovegood @ HIH
Amur Leopard @ HIH (App #99/Choices)

Best Fanficcer and Awesome Club Member at HIH!

I Love the DivaCup

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My Baby Has Four Legs. Childfree For Life.
My Baby Has Four Legs. Childfree For Life.
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